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Spring Concert Practice Links!

Following are practice links for the Spring Concert. If you want the page to load faster and/or in less space without all of the images, I’ve created a links only page if you click here.

An Anthem of Praise – Supply Belcher 

In the colonial era, the talented composer, singer, and compiler of tune books and Maine resident Supply Belcher (1751–1836) was known in his time as “the Handel of Maine”. Belcher organized the first choir in Maine.

Suffrage Song– Eleanor Smith

State of Maine Song – Roger Vinton Snow

Terrible Tale Of Tom Gilligan –John Rutter

The Shanty Boys – Arr. Dan Forrest

Les Raftsmen- Donald Patriquin

Ktaadn – John Newell (links to follow)

Voices of the Night  -Donna Gartman Schultz

The Arrow and the Song by Christopher Matthews

Sea Song – Michael Unger  (no link)

Simple Gifts arr. Bob Chilcott

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?  Pete Seeger/arr. DeCormier

Nether Land by Dan Fogelberg, arr. A.Romanov

The Garden Song by David Mallett , arr. Mac Huff (link to follow)

Carousel Selections– Roger & Hammerstein; arr. Clay Warnick